Here Women Roar is an employee resource group that aims to champion the growth and advancement of women at MoneyLion by investing in their social, personal, and professional development.  

Our efforts are focused across three pillars to help women achieve equality: workforce, workplace, marketplace.

What we do

Connect internally through monthly programming and externally to help lead the conversation around the advancement of women in fintech.

  • Generate visibility for women beyond their areas of expertise
  • Formulate a mentorship and sponsorship plan for women at the firm 
  • Support women with advice, coaching, and advocacy

Workforce pillar

  • Partner with HR to implement policies designed with women's health, including maternity needs, in mind
  • Work with HR and business teams to work toward gender balance in recruiting pipeline
  • Represent MoneyLion at conferences to recruit diverse talent 

Workplace pillar

Marketplace pillar

  • Build bridges to other women’s groups to facilitate networking and growth 
  • Be the face of MoneyLion in the active corporate fundraising calendar in NYC 
  • Generate thought leadership pieces in partnership with business teams 

Why This Is Important

MoneyLion is a member-centric business, and we believe that when women have a stronger voice in our workplace, our business will be able to serve and delight the marketplace and our 6 million members (approximately 3 million women) even more effectively. 

Women’s groups are shown to drive many benefits for companies, including better employee engagement, stronger business development and industry relationships, talent acquisition, and more creative problem solving. 

Who We Are

Chair - Sruthi Lanka

Co-Chair - Abby Landers

Workforce Pillar Lead - Uzy Igweatu

Workplace Pillar Lead - Corinne Clough

Marketplace Pillar Lead - Carleigh Lake & Sarah Gerber

Salt Lake City Chair - Natash Gaines

Kuala Lumpur Chair - Shareen Kaur Bajwa

New York City, NY

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Who We Are

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